Recent Reiman Gift Impacts Reiman Gardens

On November 25, Iowa State University Athletics announced a $25 million dollar gift for south end zone work at Jack Trice Stadium, landscaping work that will also address the game day experience and the entryway drive for Reiman Gardens.

“In the recently completed Reiman Gardens’ assessment, one of the top issues for guests was finding Reiman Gardens and navigating the long, concrete drive to its front door,” said Reiman Gardens’ Director Teresa McLaughlin.

“We are very pleased that with the Reiman’s latest gift, this will assist the Gardens with the redesign of the arrival sequence, and also result in a significant overhaul of the entire football game day experience.”

“The year-round benefits to Reiman Gardens’ guests and the entire adjoining landscape will be a dramatic improvement. We are excited for the incredible improvement planned and how it will benefit Iowa State University, Ames residents, visitors and football fans,” she added.