Garden Policies

Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing

Policies to Ensure Enjoyment of Reiman Gardens

The goal of Reiman Gardens’ policies is to ensure enjoyment of the Gardens while protecting and preserving plants, insects and structures.

Visitor Photography Policy

Photography, still and video, is permitted for private, non-commercial use only. Photographs cannot be published, sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed, or otherwise commercially exploited in any manner whatsoever without written consent of Reiman Gardens. Absolutely no professional photographers are allowed in the Butterfly Wing. Reiman Gardens reserves the right, and its sole discretion, to withhold and/or withdraw permission to photograph on its premises or to reproduce photographs of objects in its collection. For complete policy, including policies for commercial and wedding photographers, click here.

Rules for the Gardens

Abiding by these rules helps protect our collections and maintain the Gardens for all guests. When in doubt, or if you have a special request, please talk to one of the Gardens’ staff. We are willing to entertain new ideas and may accommodate reasonable requests if possible.

  • Learn about the Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing rules here.
  • No smoking.
  • Shirts and shoes are required to be worn at all times.
  • No pets allowed, although service animals are welcome.
  • Picnicking is allowed anywhere in the outdoor garden areas. Please respect others and clean up after yourself.
  • Alcohol can be provided under terms of a Reiman Gardens’ rental package.
  • Formal/informal groups or parties are not allowed to hold meetings, weddings, memorial services or christenings at the Gardens unless contracted with a rental agreement and with notice given in advance to Reiman Gardens.
  • Do not wade or swim in ponds, streams or fountains.
  • Youth aged 11 and under must be under the supervision of an adult at all times. We suggest one adult should accompany every five children.
  • The Gardens is a natural place for kids to run and explore, but is not a public park. Please be respectful.
  • No firearms.