Catering & Alcohol

Food and Beverage

All clients must use a licensed and approved professional caterer to provide food and beverage at the event. The caterers on this list are approved to cater at Reiman Gardens. If you wish to use a caterer not on this list, you must submit a request to the Rental Coordinator at least 60 days prior to the event and pay an additional fee ($150 – $300). There is no guarantee that a non-approved caterer will be approved even with the fee. Client is responsible for making arrangements and contracting with the caterer, and ensuring the caterer provides all personnel, materials and supplies required for the preparation of food and beverages. Reiman Gardens does not supply any catering services, supplies, or equipment associated with the service of food or beverages at your event. Please see Rental Policies [p. 5, 6.1 – 6.4] for more details. ISU Catering is the only caterer approved to serve alcohol at Reiman Gardens.

Food and/or beverages are allowed in your rental area only. Your guests may not wander around the grounds with drinks or food. Vendor delivery and pick up times must occur within the event’s Time of Rental. All vendors must abide by Reiman Gardens policies.


Kitchen Use

Reiman Gardens has limited kitchen equipment and appliances and varies by rental area. You must notify the Rental Coordinator at least 30 days prior to the event if your caterer wishes to use any of the kitchen equipment. Use of the kitchen equipment will be subject to a $50 fee. You are responsible for cleaning the kitchen equipment after use.



All alcohol must be provided and served by ISU Catering. We recommend contacting ISU Catering at your earliest convenience to ensure availability for your event. Reiman Gardens requires a 60-day disclosure on any alcohol service, in addition to specific insurance requirements. Please see Rental Policies [p. 5-6, 7.1 – 7.2] for more details. If ISU Catering is unable to accommodate your event date, please contact Reiman Gardens Rental Coordinator immediately to discuss alternative options.


Approved Alcohol Vendors

ISU Catering (approved to serve alcohol)


Approved Caterers


Cornbred BBQ

Gateway Market

Farmhouse Catering

Hickory Park

HyVee (Lincoln Center)

ISU Catering (approved to serve alcohol)

Provisions Lot F Catering

The Gateway Hotel – Iowa Stater Restaurant

Whatcha Smokin BBQ


Recommended Dessert Caterers

Mel’s Sweet Occasions