Rental Policies and Procedures


Everyone is eligible and welcome to rent space at Reiman Gardens. The use of Reiman Gardens’ facility will not be authorized for events when the primary purpose of the occasion is fund-raising other than for Reiman Gardens.

Reiman Gardens is part of Iowa State University so all ISU policies and procedures are part of Reiman Gardens’ policies and procedures.

Additionally, the following activities are restricted and require discussion and approval with Reiman Gardens:

  • Events of a political or religious nature
  • A product promotion or any type of event which benefits, virtually or exclusively, the outside organization
  • Events that charge admission fees
  • Events that hold raffles and/or display or promote commercial products during an event or sell articles within Reiman Gardens.


Events scheduled in the Gardens on any day may begin no earlier than 7:30 a.m. and must conclude by 11:00 p.m. Exceptions to set hours must be approved by the Rental Coordinator. The office hours of Reiman Gardens are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


The use of all rental rooms and spaces are scheduled in advance through the Rental Coordinator. Inquires can be made by contacting the Rental Coordinator at 515-294-8994 or by email at Reservations can be booked up to one year in advance and will be made on a first-come basis based on the availability of the space.

Each meeting or scheduled event must have a contact person who must be:

  • Present at the event from beginning to end
  • Responsible for the behavior and demeanor of the guests
  • The spokesperson for the group
  • Responsible for any damages and/or property loss incurred during the event

Proof of liability insurance may be required.

Following an inquiry and booking, a contract with rental costs will be forwarded for signature. Some restrictions not listed may apply at the discretion of the Rental Coordinator, but will be discussed beforehand with the client.


A deposit must be received when your reservation is made. Deposit amount is typically $150.00 or $500.00 depending on room/package rented. Any deposit amount due to you will be refunded after your event the following calendar month. The deposit is not to be construed as a limit of liability for damages to Reiman Gardens. Iowa State University may take necessary legal action to recover additional damages above the deposit amount. The deposit fee will be retained for any violation of Reiman Gardens and/or ISU policies and procedures.


You will be required to leave the facility clean, orderly, and in the same condition it was in upon your arrival. If the facility is left in unsatisfactory condition, all or a portion of your deposit will be retained. All appliances and utilities are maintained in functioning condition so if damage is evident after the event, it is the liability of the group renting the room. Any custodial or damage charges will be deducted from the deposit before it is returned to you. Any damage that exceeds the security deposit amount will be billed to you. Reiman Gardens will provide you with an itemized documentation of damage.


A fee is required for use of the space you are renting from Reiman Gardens in accordance with the signed agreement. Payment of the entire fee including security deposit is due in full at contract signing. Reiman Gardens does not hold space without full payment. If your fee is not pad on the due date, your deposit fee will be forfeited and the space you were scheduled to use will be opened to new rentals. Any changes to the contract after signing must be submitted in writing and approved by Reiman Gardens’ administration.

Acceptable forms of payment are credit card (Visa, Master Card, and Discover), checks (made payable to Reiman Garden), or cash. Iowa State University departments may also use an intramural to process payment.


Cancelations will be accepted provided that notification is given in writing to the Rental Coordinator. For weddings, cancellations up to 6 months from the contract date of the event, 20% of the rental fee will be withheld; the security deposit will be refunded in full. For any cancellation with less than 6 months notice, there will be no refund of the rental fee; the security deposit will be refunded in full. For events other than weddings, any cancellation less than 1 month, there will be no refund of either the rental fee or the security deposit.

While many rental spaces include outdoor spaces, all venues have indoor areas that can be used in case of rain or inclement weather. No refunds will be given for rental reservations or events cancelled due to inclement weather or any other situations, including, but not limited to illness or travel disruptions.

If you wish to reschedule your event, Reiman Gardens will do its best to accommodate your event within 6 months, depending on availability. Exceptions will not be made to the cancellation policy.


Your guests will not be charged to enter the Gardens. They will need to identify the event they are attending at the front desk and will be allowed access.

A Reiman Gardens’ staff person will be onsite for all events. The client will not be charged for staff time for events contracted outside normal business hours.

Certain events may require the services of certified ISU Police officers at an additional charge to the client.


Ample, free parking is available in parking lot S1 located just north of the entrance to the Gardens. Handicap accessible parking spots are also available in lot S1. Parking will not be available on Iowa State University home football game days. Public transportation is available. Please refer to the Cy-Ride website for more information. The Ann Campbell Transit Station is the closest and most convenient stop to the Gardens.


Please do not have items (floral displays, table decorations, etc) delivered before your scheduled event. All deliveries must be coordinated through the Rental Coordinator. Reiman Gardens cannot assume any responsibility for items left by the caterer, rental company, or client, nor will the Gardens store items without prior authorization with the Rental Coordinator.


Reiman Gardens is a smoke-free area. Any smoker must leave the grounds, including the parking lot, to smoke.


All clients must use a licensed caterer. Any food or caterer employed or used for your event must be disclosed and approved by the Rental Coordinator two months prior to your event. You are responsible for contacting the caterer to make arrangements. The caterer is responsible for all personnel, materials, and supplies required for the preparation and service of food and beverages.

Reiman Gardens has a list of preferred caterers who are familiar with the facility and our policies. If you choose to use a caterer not on this preferred caterer list, with the exception of wedding cakes and mints, you will be charged the following:

  • Events with 149 people or less will be charged a $150.00 fee.
  • Events with 150 people or more will be charged a $300.00 fee.

There is no guarantee that a non-preferred caterer will be approved even with the fee.

Food and beverages are allowed in your rental area only. Your guests may not wander around the grounds with drinks or food.


All alcohol must be provided and served by a licensed professional caterer approved by Reiman Gardens.

Reiman Gardens strongly adheres to the laws and regulations of the State of Iowa pertaining to the service and the consumption of alcohol. No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the facility by party other than the approved caterer. We reserve the right to confiscate alcohol served without appropriate licensing requirements and not refund the security deposit. Only persons of legal drinking age may possess, be served, or be permitted to consume alcoholic beverages. When alcoholic beverages are serviced, non-alcoholic beverages and food must also be made available to guests. Alcoholic beverages are allowed in your rental area only. Non-compliance with this regulation allows Reiman Gardens to shut down your event.


Children are always welcome at Reiman Gardens. If the child is under 17 years of age, he/she must be under supervision of a responsible adult at all times. All event attendees, including children, must limit their use of the building to the designated area for the event and associated hallways and restrooms unless special arrangements have been made.


Animals are not allowed at Reiman Gardens except for those licensed to assist persons with disabilities.


The use of live music, as well as sound amplification systems indoors or outdoors must be approved by Reiman Gardens. The Garden Room is equipped with a basic sound system that is available for use free of charge. A portable speaker and microphone is available for other indoor spaces and is available for use free of charge.


Nothing can be taped, stapled, nailed, tacked, screwed or attached to the walls, windows or ceiling during ANY event. Post-It flip chart pages are the only items that may be affixed to the wall. No structures may be placed in the building or outdoor gardens including signs, banners, or any other objects.

All types of confetti and glitter, or similar materials such as bird seed or rice, are prohibited both indoors and outdoors. Use of candles is restricted to enclosed flames (e.g. votive or hurricane lamps). The flame must be at least one inch from the top of the container or floating in water. Unity candles are permitted during your wedding ceremony. Sky Lanterns are not permitted as they are illegal in the State of Iowa.

All decorations must be removed and cleaned up promptly upon the conclusion of the event. Any damage from non-compliance will be documented and deducted from the security deposit.


All setup and cleanup times are to be included within the times you reserved the facilities. If additional time is required, prior arrangements must be made through the Rental Coordinator. If you exceed original rental time on the day, a fee of $100.00 per hour will be charged.

Each rental space has a standard setup that works well for most functions. The room can be rearranged into several typical configurations for a $50.00 fee. If you desire any other room arrangement for your function, you will need to make arrangements with Reiman Gardens for an additional $100.00 fee. Setup of all indoor spaces for weddings is included in the rental fee. See the description of each room, rental package, or wedding package for more specifics on room setup.

All building furniture is restricted for inside building use only. Tables, chairs and other furniture for outdoor use must be rented and setup by a third-party vendor. Placement of outdoor furniture is generally limited to paved areas and specific lawn areas. All furniture can only be assembled one hour prior to the event or wedding ceremony and should be removed promptly afterward. Tents and dance floors are permitted on any paved or gravel surface and must be rented and setup by a third-party vendor. A $100.00 fee will be charged should a tent be used at any time during the rental. There is no fee for a dance floor. All tents and dance floors must be erected and removed on the same day as the event is scheduled.

All indoor and outdoor setup requests must be made in advance with the Rental Coordinator and must be finalized at least two weeks prior to the event date.


Approval by Reiman Gardens’ staff is needed before setting up any audio-visual equipment with at least two weeks’ notice. All equipment at Reiman Gardens is the responsibility of the client, who will be held responsible for damages incurred. All rented or outside equipment must be removed and cleaned up promptly upon the conclusion of the event.

A LCD projector and screen is available in the Garden Room at no additional charge. A screen and two-tiered table for projection equipment is available in all other indoor rental space at no additional cost. A portable LCD projector, overhead projector, and slide projector are all available for a $50.00 fee. The client must provide a laptop computer or rent one from a third party.

Wireless internet access is available at Reiman Gardens for no extra charge. A direct “wired” high speed internet connection can be arranged with a two week notice for an additional fee of $50.00 plus $5.00 per day.

Basic or polycom speaker phones can be rented from ISU telecommunications with a two week notice for a fee of $50.00 plus $30.00 per day. All local calls will be allowed on this phone; credit cards can be used to make long distance calls.


Clients will have access to authorized areas only as specified in the Rental Contract. The client, members, supporters, and participants will not have access to office spaces throughout the building during the contracted event. Computers, telephones, photocopying and other equipment in these offices and at the front desk are not available for event and/or participant use. The client is responsible for keeping its various members, supporters, and participants within the rental areas.


Public gardens are museums and, like any museum, will have ongoing displays, exhibits, artwork, sculptures, and changeovers via plant materials that will not be modified for events. Artwork displayed in the Garden Room cannot be removed, changed, or covered during any private event. The client acknowledges that Reiman Gardens is a site for rotating exhibits and displays and cannot guarantee what will be present at the time of the event.


The fireplace in the Speer Room is available for use and must be operated by a Reiman Gardens’ staff member. Prior arrangements must be made through the Rental Coordinator.


Exclusive use of the Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing is not included with the rental of any space at Reiman Gardens. Rental clients are allowed to view the exhibit during its normal operation hours as long as they abide by the posted rules. The operation of the butterfly Wing is highly regulated by federal agencies and any non-compliance could shut down the facility; therefore formal attire (i.e. wedding dresses, tuxedoes, formal dresses, etc.) is not allowed in the Butterfly Wing. Absolutely no wedding photography will be allowed in the Butterfly Wing. Any exceptions to this policy must be granted in advance of the event date by the Rental Coordinator and Butterfly Wing Curator. Any plant materials that enter the Butterfly Wing, including corsages and bouquets, must be confiscated and not allowed out per the USDA.


All invitations and advertisements identifying Reiman Gardens as the location for your venue should reflect Iowa State University, for example: “Iowa State University’s Reiman Gardens” or “Reiman Gardens, Iowa State University.”

Invitations or any advertising for your event being held at the Gardens must NOT reflect any possible indication by design, graphics, or wording that Reiman Gardens is endorsing or co-hosting the event. Reiman Gardens name is allowed only as an address and/or location for your event.

If such conditions are not satisfactorily met based solely on the judgement of Reiman Gardens’ Director and/or staff, all payments for the rental event, including deposit and rental fees will be forfeited and could result in cancellation of your event.


The Gardens are open to the public at all times. Complete privacy within the Gardens for private events cannot be guaranteed.

No vehicle traffic is allowed on pathways, bridges, courtyard areas or any areas within the Gardens. No foot traffic in planting beds is allowed, including camera tripods.

No sculptures, exhibits, or displays may be moved by the client; nor will Reiman Gardens’ staff move them. Agreement to hold an event is agreement that all of these are components of the space designed for visitor enjoyment and education. Any non-compliance and lack of acknowledgement of the site where you close to hold your event will result in forfeiture of all or part of your security deposit.

The Gardens cannot guarantee the appearance of outdoor and indoor planting areas. The landscape and flower/plant design cannot be changed, moved, or adjusted to fit rental clients’ colors or design. Many circumstances are beyond our control be it weather related, diseases or other incidents. Every effort is made to maintain a high quality garden experience. All garden beds and planted areas are off limits to any form of foot traffic. The Gardens are often undergoing maintenance and construction. Construction equipment may be visible to your guests. No activity, such as those that cause excessive noise, is allowed that would in any way disrupt the staff, visiting public, or rental clients in other areas.


Wedding rehearsals are offered one day prior to your event for one hour upon the discretion of Reiman Gardens. All wedding rehearsals are by appointment and must be scheduled in advance with the Rental Coordinator. Reiman Gardens has the right to change the time should another event or wedding reserve the Gardens.

Rental clients may arrive two hours prior to their reservation time for photography in the Gardens only; this does not include access to their building prior to their reservation time. If the building is vacant and used without prior approval, the client, will be charged $100.00 per hour for additional time used.


If there is any conflict in scheduling between parties holding events on the same day, a best effort will be made by management to resolve the conflict and management will have the final say. An alternate site may be provided if necessary.