Ceremony Only Package Options

Deposit Rate
Under 20 guests Conservatory
or outdoors
1 19 $150 $200 outdoors
$150 Conservatory
20 to 110 guests Conservatory
or outdoors
20 110 $150 $500 outdoors
$475 Conservatory
111 to 175 guests Conservatory
or outdoors
111 175 $150 $650 outdoors
$575 Conservatory
standing room only
176 to 250 guests outdoors 176 250 $150 $725 outdoors
option to rent
garden room as rain
location for $200

CLICK HERE to view a photo gallery of the Conservatory.


General Policies:

  • 2 hour rental in the Gardens, plus 1 hour for pictures
  • Does not include chair rental. Chairs are $1 each, and include set up and tear down by Reiman Gardens Staff
  • Some times and locations are not available due to other Garden Events/Rentals. Conservatory is not available before 4pm.
  • If you choose an outdoor location and weather causes it to move inside, there will not be a refund of the difference.
  • We cannot guarantee the display of the Conservatory during the wedding. Conservatory displays rotate throughout the year.

Items available for no additional costs:

  • One hour rehearsal time between noon and 5 P.M. the day prior
  • Use of the Gardens for photographs two hours prior to your rental