Hillside Water-wise Garden

The Hillside Water-wise Garden is the only one of its kind in Iowa for its unique planting method and style. It is a visually stunning garden with a spectacular 10 foot wide stone staircase flanked by custom built railings, an ADA compliant path that casually winds up the hill through four different types of planting themes and bordered by impressive limestone walls. There is a spectacular view at the top, and once the plants mature, will rival any garden space in the same amount of area around the country. The plantings reflect a sustainability initiative of being beautiful but requiring little or no water once established. Four different styles of water-wise gardens are represented. There is an additional unique feature of this garden. The upper 4-6” of growing media is gravel. This gravel-based form of gardening has been successfully used in Germany for close to 20 years as not only water-wise, but low maintenance.