Helen Latch Jones Rose Garden

Outdoors in the Jones Rose Garden in summer with many multi colored flowers and a wisteria arbor

Garden Features & Mission

The Jones Rose Garden incorporates a sustainable focus in its design and maintenance practices. Rose cultivars are selected for disease-resistance and winter-hardiness. The rose palette includes a mix of Buck roses, EarthKind roses, Easy Elegance® and Proven Winners® roses. Pairing these roses with perennials and other flowering shrubs results in a garden with four season appeal. The water feature in the center of the garden lines up with the Campanile to create a formal design axis.

Garden features: Pediment, water feature, annual containers, Rose Garden

Prominent plants: Wisteria ‘Blue Moon’, Arborvitae ‘Emerald Green’, Magnolia ‘Butterflies, Boxwood ‘Wilson’, Rose Mischeif