What’s in Flight

close up of a blue butterfly with bladk edges at Reiman Gardens with pink flowers

Air Filled with Exotic Beauty

The Gardens are famous for the delightful, colorful occupants of the Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing. The 2,500-square-foot tropical enclosure hosts species from six of our seven continents (excepting Antarctica). There are up to 800 butterflies in the Wing every day, including native and many exotic beauties from far-away lands.

Butterflies are most active in the morning and on sunny days. The number of species in the Wing is constantly changing, and here are a few of our most popular butterflies:

Blue Morpho

Iridescent scales on the inside (top), camouflage on outside (underwings). A native of Central and South America, it’s one of the world’s largest butterflies with a wing span of five to eight inches.

Giant Wood Nymph

This large black-and-white butterfly is sometimes attracted to lotions and perfumes, so they may land on you! Don’t be alarmed. This native of Southeast Asia or the Indo-Australian region is known for slow and graceful flight, alternating between fluttering wing strokes and gliding dips.


The Postman butterfly has large long, slender wings. There are more than 150 different varieties or “morphs” of Postman. Most butterflies only live for a few weeks, however the postman can easily live several months.