School Programs

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently open for outdoor visits only.  Interested in a Self-Guided Experience for large groups?  Contact our Education Manager at for scheduling options. 

Private Behind-the-Scenes Butterfly Wing Tours with Entomology staff are also available for small groups by phone at 515-294-2710. 

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Guided School Programs

Self-Guided Experience

Homeschool Days

Scheduling a School Program

Payment Guidelines

Tour Guidelines and Expectations

Guided School Programs

Bring your class to Reiman Gardens for a one-of-a-kind enrichment experience! Our 60-minute school programs offer hands-on learning and sensory exploration, while addressing Next Generation Science Standards in a beautiful setting. $7/student. Up to 8 Adults FREE.  9+ Adults: $10 each.

Beginning at the Gardens (Pre-K – K; 45 minutes)

These 45-minute programs are designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Each student will get a special program-related take-home tool as they listen to a story with a lesson and complete a special search in the Gardens. Choose one of these topic areas:

    • Beginning Art: A World of Color — Read Mouse Paint to learn about color theory.
    • Beginning Math: How Many Caterpillars? — Read Inch by Inch to learn about nonstandard units of measure.
    • Beginning Science: Which Ones Will Grow? — Read Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow? to learn about living and nonliving things in the world.

Bio Basics (K – 2)

Explore how living things in our collections of plants and butterflies use special parts to survive and grow.

    • Hands-on: Make and Take Terrarium.
    • Themes: Plant Parts, Plant Needs, Insect Parts.
    • Standards: K-LS1-1, K-ESS3-1, 1-LS1-1, 2-LS2-1.

Flower Forensics (3 – 4)

Take a deep dive into exploring the showiest plant part – flowers! Explore plant-animal interactions through pollination.

    • Hands-on: Flower Dissection.
    • Themes: Plant Reproduction, Lifecycles, Part Structures and Functions.
    • Standards: 2-LS2-2, 3-LS1-1, 4-LS1-1.

Systems and Cycles (5 6)

Explore how the natural world achieves the delicate balance of cycles necessary for plants and animals to grow, thrive, and adapt.

    • Hands-on: Biodiversity Jenga.
    • Themes: Ecosystems, Invasive Species, Energy Cycles, Food Webs.
    • Standards: 5-PS3-1, 5-LS1-1, 5-LS2-1, MS-LS2-3, MS-LS3-2.


Family Tour

Enjoy this traditional indoor tour of the Conservatory Complex, with stops at the Hughes Conservatory, Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing, Emergence Cases, and Lepidoptera Display. This options targets mixed groups of adults and children of all ages. Advance registration required. $7/child. $10/adult.


Self-Guided Experience

School groups may explore Reiman Gardens without a guide. From the tropical environment of the Hughes Conservatory to the aquatic Lake Helen to the sense-stimulating Herb Garden, Reiman Gardens offers a perfect outdoor learning lab for any age or topic. Advance reservations required.

Bring your class or youth group to Reiman Gardens to explore the Gardens on their own. Age appropriate lessons that incorporate the Gardens as an outdoor classroom are available. All tours align with national school standards and benchmarks. Available self-guided tour packets include:

Garden Shapes and Colors (Pre-K to 1st Grade)
Plants and the Plant Life Cycle (K to 2nd Grade)
Plants and the World Around Them (3rd Grade to 5th Grade)

Teachers can download a garden map and Self-Guided Tour for Teachers for free, as well as any of the above grade-specific lessons.  Self-Guided Tours are $4.50 per student and $9 per adult, which includes admission. Self-guided tours must be arranged at least two weeks in advance. For more information or to schedule a tour, please call our Education Manager at (515) 294-1318 or email$4.50/student, $9/adult – if reserved in advance.  


Homeschool Days

Reiman Gardens invites home-schooled students to explore real-world science in the Gardens! Geared for K-5. Advance reservations encouraged. $7/student. $10/adult.


March 6, 2020, 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Reiman Gardens’ collection of insects includes hundreds of species – and not just butterflies! Investigate lifecycle stages, examine insect body parts up close, interact with live specimens, and learn about the role insects play in the lives of humans across the globe.

Climate Change

November 6, 2020, 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
We all love the earth – we live here along with billions of other living creatures in delicate balance. This balance is threatened due to changes in climate cycles affecting plant, insect, animal, and human populations alike. Learn how to help our global home as you visit with real scientists, play games, and explore Reiman Gardens’ living collections.


Scheduling a School Program

    1. Complete a Tour Request Form online.
      1. Keep in mind the guide to group size and scheduling
      2. Fill out the school programs registration form
    2. Gardens Education Manager will contact you to schedule your program.
      1. Scheduling is subject to Gardens availability on a first-come, first-served basis.
    3. You will receive an email confirmation containing the following information
      1. Confirmed program date and time
      2. Tips and info to ensure the your preparedness and the best experience for your group
    4. Chaperones are limited.
      1. Up to a maximum of 8 adults may accompany each program at no charge.
      2. Organizations will be billed for any additional adults.
    5. Come to the Gardens for your program!
      1. Arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled program time to facilitate gathering and bathroom breaks.
      2. Come prepared to divide classes into groups up to 20.  Group size and number are subject to change.
    6. Complete program evaluation survey.
      1. In launching our new programs, we value your feedback to identify areas of improvement.
      2. Education staff will email a survey to you within 2 business days of your school program experience.

Payment Guidelines

  • A program invoice will be emailed to you within 2 business days AFTER your school program experience.
  • Payment by check or credit cards (MC, VISA, or Discover) is due within 30 days of invoice receipt. We accept purchase orders as well.
  • No-shows are subject to a $50 administrative charge.
  • Discounts affiliated with Garden Memberships do not apply toward school programs or chaperone admission.
  • TARGET FIELD TRIP GRANTS: public, private, or charter schools can apply between Aug.1 and Oct. 1, 2019 for up to $700 in funding for the 2020 academic year (Jan – May) through  For more information and application, visit:


School Program Guidelines and Expectations

  • Adults may accompany programs at a max of 1 adult per 10 students (a maximum of 8 total adults per program).   For example, a class of 25 students may have 3 total adults, such as 1 teacher and 2 chaperones. Exceptions may be permitted based on age or special need. View the school program guide to group size and scheduling.
  • We ask that adults with additional small children (younger siblings, etc.) or adults in excess of the 1:10 ratio enjoy the Gardens separate from the program at regular admission rates and rejoin the group upon program completion.
  • Please silence all phones and electronic devices during all tours and programs.
  • Lunches are welcome! Come prepared to enjoy a picnic outside on the ground. Any seating indoors or out is first come, first served or may be otherwise reserved for Garden use.
  • Please come prepared for active engagement and weather. We ask that all adults accompanying groups assist with group management. They may also be asked to assist with program activities, such a distributing materials and tidying messes. Closed-toed shoes are recommended for all participants. Programs take place rain or shine. In the case of severe weather, schools may reschedule.
  • Discounts affiliated with Garden Memberships do not apply toward tours, school programs, or chaperone admission.

View the School Programs Guide in PDF.