plant collections

plants of interest table with colorful cut flowers

It’s a great time to explore Reiman Gardens this summer. With many of the plants in full bloom, our 2016 theme of ‘color’ is more noticeable than ever! One way to make sure you see everything the Gardens have to offer is to check out our weekly Plants of Interest […]

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close up of a zinnia plant with a plant label

Being the only employee working solely on our records and collections is a balancing act. I keep a to-do list on the computer and update it whenever I finish one task or receive a new one. My highest priorities are usually making and replacing labels, and keeping up the Plants […]

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three photo compilation from Reiman Gardens intern

Hello readers! I’m Kelsey, the plant collections and records intern. I’m a senior at Iowa State University, majoring in genetics, but after spending a few years working in a plant pathology lab, I added a minor in horticulture and fell in love with it. My background in research and bioinformatics […]

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