plant particulars

close up of a green plant in the ground

Most gardeners have heard many times over the years the benefits of adding organic mulch to the garden. The heat of the summer reminds us of the importance of mulch for moisture retention in the soil and tempering fluctuating soil temperatures. This additional organic layer can help suppress weeds as […]

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Reiman Gardens bush with green leaves and small white flowers

Bare root trees and shrubs are an economical way to start new trees and shrubs, especially hard to find plants from mail-order sources. For many gardeners the idea of establishing plants from bare root is intimidating. Despite this, planting bare root at the appropriate time is a very good way […]

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Reiman Gardens spring tulips in bloom in whites, yellows, oranges and red colors

October is the month to plant spring blooming bulbs. This year Reiman Gardens will plant nearly 47,000 tulips and other bulbs! While planting consists essentially of digging a hole and placing them in the ground pointy side up, there are a few things that can be done to be more […]

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