Pumpkin Carving for Spirits in the Gardens

group of young adult volunteers smiling while carving pumpkins

Start the fall off right with pumpkin carving at Reiman Gardens!

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to stencil, gut, and carve pumpkins with us for our annual Spirits in the Gardens event! Because of them, we were able to successfully complete over 1,100 unique jack-o’-lanterns!

Please check back in early fall 2022 for next year’s volunteer dates and registration link.



Email rgvolunteer@iastate.edu with any questions or concerns.


Pumpkin stenciling and carving resources for volunteers:

Watch a video with pumpkin stenciling instructions. Watch a video with pumpkin carving instructions.











Click on the images to view larger.

Stenciling Instructions: 印模板的步骤, 스텐실링지침, الستنسل, دستورالعمل برای شابلون (الگو), ИНСТРУКЦИЯ НАНЕСЕНИЯ УЗОРА ПО ТРАФАРЕТУ, Stencil di zucca, SCHABLONEN-MAL-ANLEITUNG, LES ÉTAPES POUR POUCHOIR VOTRE CITROUILLE, Instruções para Estêncil, Instrucciones para el colorear, CÁCH TÔ THEO MẪU

Carving Instructions: 刻南瓜的步骤, 조각 지침, تعليمات النحت, دستورالعمل کنده کاری, ИНСТРУКЦИЯ ПО РЕЗЬБЕ ПО ТЫКВЕ, SCHNITZANLEITUNG, LES ETAPES POUR SCULPTER UNE CITROUILLE, Istruzioni per l’intaglio, Instruções para esculpir a abóbora, Instrucciones para el tallado, Cách Khắc Bí Ngô