Iowa State University Student Volunteers

Volunteers Provide the Energy that Powers Reiman Gardens

There are many reasons to volunteer with Reiman Gardens. Volunteers gain knowledge about the plant and insect world, learn how a botanical garden operates, participate in the growth of one of Central Iowa’s premier attractions, gain experience for career changes, make new friends and enrich their own lives and the lives of others.

Reiman Gardens’ program provides volunteers with a dynamic learning environment. Training and continuing education classes are the cornerstone of our program. As a volunteer learns, they in turn can teach others.

Reiman Gardens has volunteer opportunities inside and outside, on weekdays and weekends, at special events, on occasion or regular weekly times. Volunteers choose activities that fit their interests, talents and abilities. Regardless of time commitment, volunteers are essential in providing a rich and enjoyable experience for all of our visitors.

Our current volunteer opportunities include interacting with butterflies, planting and maintaining gardens, educating children and adults, coordinating events and programs, assisting with arts and crafts, storytelling, administrative projects and much more! A majority of our volunteer positions require no gardening experience or special knowledge. Through volunteering at the Gardens, you will learn from our professionals in horticulture, entomology events, and education while gaining hands-on experience.

What are you waiting for? Become a Reiman Gardens’ volunteer today!

To learn more about volunteering, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 515-294-8225 or email rgvolunteer@iastate.edu.

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