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We recognize that volunteers provide a resource of talent that is unavailable in any other way.  We welcome all individuals and groups to consider volunteering at Reiman Gardens in order to inspire, enchant, and educate the community about the natural world. Volunteers choose activities that fit their schedules, interests, talents, and abilities. We provide on-site and virtual training. Whether you have experience or you want to build a new skill, we hope to provide the community with unique opportunities to join in our mission. 

Onsite Volunteer Opportunities

Horticulture & Gardening Volunteers

Volunteer Docents

Events Volunteers

Do you enjoy spending time among plants? Both indoor and outdoor horticulture and gardening projects require many hands to complete each week. Individual volunteers and groups are welcome to join us in completing regular garden maintenance and special projects throughout the year. Reiman Gardens’ mission is to educate, enchant, and inspire an appreciation of plants, butterflies, and the beauty of the natural world. Our volunteer docents join staff in guiding guests through the gardens on tours, educational programs, and in our Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing. Every month, Reiman Gardens brings a special event to our community. From handing out candy and playing with children at Spirits in the Gardens to directing traffic or helping vendors at one of our many events. Help us behind the scenes or alongside our front-facing staff!

Guest Services and Administrative Volunteers

At-home Volunteer Opportunities


Do you like talking to guests about why you love Reiman Gardens? Or do you prefer the quiet, behind the scenes tasks that help an organization? We have lots of opportunities for extraverts, introverts, and omniverts to put their skills to use! From events prep activities like cutting jack-o-lantern stencils or creating fairy doors to hide around Reiman Gardens, there is plenty you can do to help us from the comfort of your home. Multi-lingual speakers are also needed to translate documents.

Special Volunteer Opportunities

Special Events Volunteers

Some of our events require massive amounts of volunteers to complete. Special events include pumpkin carving in October, Spirits in the Gardens, Winter Wonderscape, bulb planting, and more! Keep an eye on this page for links to register as a volunteer for these events as they approach!

View and sign up for special event volunteer opportunities.

Service Projects for Groups and Organizations

Are you a member of a sorority, fraternity, bible study group, learning community, girl/boy/eagle scout troop, ISU orientation course, employee volunteer group, or other gathering of like-minded people? We have many opportunities for groups to help out in the gardens!

Check the options listed under Special Events Volunteers, or use the form to the right if you’re not sure where to start.

Group Volunteer Interest Form

Iowa Butterfly Survey Network

The Iowa Butterfly Survey Network (IBSN) encourages people to take an active role in conservation. IBSN conducts research using volunteer citizen scientists of all skill levels to collect data for yearly population surveys of butterfly species in the state of Iowa. Volunteers are trained in survey techniques specifically developed for butterflies.


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  • To learn more about volunteering, contact our Manager of Volunteer Engagement at 515-294-8225 or email rgvolunteer@iastate.edu
  • *Onsite volunteer opportunities are available for people 16+ years of age; opportunities for people under the age of 16 available with a parent or legal guardian.